A power tip every QuickBooks user should know

Make sure your QuickBooks backup is solid! Otherwise, everything else won’t matter…

By Scott Gregory, QuickBooks expert

Be honest. When was the last time you backed up your QuickBooks company file? (that’s ok – I won’t tell anyone).

Unfortunately, I have had SO many inquiries over the years from people who had a computer meltdown and who lost all of their QuickBooks data (and other important data as well). Several personal meltdowns as well once they realized that they were in major trouble since they had not backed up.

There is no magic to recovering your data in the event something bad happens to your computer.

Sure, you can pay thousands of dollars to firms that specialize in data recovery for them to try and salvage your information.

Or, you could invest in a simple, cost-effective backup solution such as Carbonite. Last time I checked, Carbonite runs $59 per year, and it backs up your critical QuickBooks data, AND all your other files as well (pics, music, Excel and Word docs and everything digital).

The advantage of a solution like this (or the many other similar services) is that they are automated AND they store a copy of your data off-site.

Using a flash drive or external hard drive for backup? Consider what happens if those drives are left in the building and then something happens to the building. At that point, you are no better off than not having a backup at all!

Don’t risk it with your critical QuickBooks data. Get a solution that is automated and off-site. After all, you can always download a copy of the QuickBooks program and easily get it reinstalled.

However, it isn’t so easy to get a copy of the critical accounting data you need to operate your business unless it is safely and securely backed up on a regular basis.

WARNING: If you have an “IT group” that handles your computers, DO NOT assume they have your QuickBooks backup configured properly (you know what happens when you assume!) Make them demonstrate to you that they can download and restore a backup copy of your QuickBooks file. And make them demonstrate this to you on a regular basis!

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