Peak Advisers offers a valuable service called the Client Data Review. During a Client Data Review we examine your QuickBooks with you running reports, asking questions, while looking at preferences and other settings. We also show you some lesser known features of QuickBooks.

The purpose of the client review is to educate you regarding the varied QuickBooks features and to, more importantly, improve how QuickBooks works for you.

In a Client Data Review we start with the F2 key. Remember F2? We discussed that in our August 2017 newsletter. Sign up for our newsletter here.

Trouble identified, issues solved

Before a recent Client Data Review a client said the file was “slow.” This is a rather common complaint, but when we pressed F2 we were partially able to explain why. The database was broken into over 500 fragments on the server’s drive. We provided instructions to correct that with our Client Data Review report.

In another instance we identified the client was paying for Enterprise features they no longer used and as a result the client was able to significantly reduce their subscription costs.

That is where we start, but we go much deeper. 

Diving deeper

Here are some of the things we go through:

  • Preferences
  • Number of QuickBooks licenses
  • Type of license
  • Use of “accountant’s” tools
  • ...much more

How a Client Data Review works

During the Client Data Review Peak Advisers does not make any changes to the production database.

Rather when the Client Data Review is complete we provide the client a list of the topics discussed and recommended actions.

After going through a Client Data Review the client will be comfortable enough to take most of the recommended actions on their own. If not, Peak Advisers is always available to help.

Client Data Review pricing

The Client Data Review is value priced the same as another service, our House Call, $360 for three hours. We are confident that Peak Advisers will provide a significant return for that small investment.

Call Peak Advisers at 303.801.4772 x2 or email to schedule a Client Data Review. A Client Data Review will improve how you use and maintain QuickBooks.