Bruce Peterka on 'Experience Pros' with Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer

Bruce Peterka on 'Experience Pros' with Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer

Bruce Peterka of Peak Advisers appeared on the "Experience Pros" radio show with Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer. Click on the links below to listen to the valuable information he provided that will help small business owners and managers grow their business with QuickBooks and proper accounting practices.

On the radio: How QuickBooks works to get you paid faster. (Click to download .mp3 file and listen)

On the radio: QuickBooks streamlines data entry for your business. (Click to download .mp3 file and listen)

On  the radio: Listen to find out how QuickBooks makes it quick and easy to handle your tax filing requirements. (Click to download .mp3 file and listen)

Did you know there are 6 flavors of QuickBooks Premier & Enterprise?

Open for business graphic
  1. General Business
  2. Contractor -- ideal for the contractor seeking track there projects (job) costs & profitability
  3. Manufacturer and wholesaler -- ideal for the business seeking to track inventory details/multiple sites, and product profitability
  4. Professional services -- ideal for the businesses like consultants, realtors, HVAC, repair and maintenance
  5. Nonprofit -- ideal for business focused upon donors, fund tracking, special project tracking, reporting for boards members
  6. Retail -- ideal for a retail business without walls (no brick and mortar) that invoices customers

There is a bonus flavor for the accountants. This version has special accounting features and functions.

Contact us to learn more and select the right flavor for your business -- the consultation is FREE.

We are certified QuickBooks professionals and we make QuickBooks work for you ... and your small business. We  offer training for all of our clients.

Did you know there are 6 Versions of QuickBooks?

  • Pro – for the entry level business
  • Premier – for the business needing more features, functions and reporting
  • Enterprise – for the business with large volumes of transaction, items, advanced features, functions and customized reporting
  • QuickBooks Online –for the business on the go who’s accounting and management want access from anywhere via the Internet
  • Point-of-Sale (Desktop) – for retail business who want a counter-top cash register and inventory management
  • Point-of-Sale (Cloud) – for the retail, food service (quick serve and table service), and hospitality business that want their staff mobile and at the counter-top service.

Go ahead. Call right now 303-801-4772.

Learn more about the one tool you can use -- right now -- to improve your business.

  • Want to get ahead?
  • Save time?
  • Get paid faster?

Then, you need QuickBooks, the most trusted name in financial accounting software and the #1 financial system used by millions of small business owners.

You can start growing your business today with QuickBooks and customize it to work the way you want.

Call us - the consultation is FREE.

Listen: On the radio with Experience Pros (Click to download .mp3 file and listen)

Forget your shoebox full of receipts and bills. Take charge today and manage your business.

Grow your profits with efficient data entry tools available only through QuickBooks.

If you’re not managing your data entry you’re not managing your businesses’ performance. This is the 21st century and data entry is so 20th century.

Instead of using old fashioned, slow and expensive data entry methods, start using the tools in Quickbooks  that replace it.

  • The tools include bank feeds
  • Transaction Pro imports downloads from your point of sale system, your e-store or your merchant services.
  • Use Receipt Bank to create bills and expense. Scan original documents and let the software create the QuickBooks transaction. After scanning destroy the original document and eliminate filing!
  • Use to electronically pay bills.  Paired with Receipt Bank data entry and paper in the payment cycle is eliminated. Think of the savings in time and money.
  • Allow customers to pay with credit or ACH and QuickBooks will apply the payment for you. No data entry! 
  • And if a customer still sends you checks, scan it in QuickBooks and let QuickBooks apply the payment.

Peak Advisers is available to help you learn all the data entry tips with effective QuickBooks tools. And, we offer training to get you up and running.

Listen: On the radio with Experience Pros (Click to download .mp3 file and listen)

Business owners need to know this important information:

2016 W-2 and 1099-MISC Filing Deadline

The Social Security Administration and IRS have updated deadlines to file 2017 employer copies of the W-2 and 1099-MISC fillings as follows:

2017 W-2 & 1099-MISC forms new filing deadline is January 31, 2018.

This applies to both employee and employer copies, whether you're filling paper or electronic returns. This is 28 days earlier than last year. Please note: many states also follow the federal change, adopting the new filing deadline of January 31, 2018 for the upcoming 2017 W-2 & 1099-MISC forms.

To meet this new deadline, we recommend you immediately start verifying employee and contractor information and wages for 2017. Know that most payroll services are responsible for filing W-2's in a timely manner.

Peak Advisers is available to help you file the 1099-MISC.

  • If you take advantage of Peak Advisers full service bookkeeping, the preparation and filing of 1099-MISC is included with your monthly fee.
  • If Peak Advisers is performing a monthly or quarterly Client Data Review, we will validate the completeness of Vendor information during December.

Peak Advisers will prepare and file the 1099's for $99.99 (this fee does not include data validation for new clients).

Our fee for data validation is $75/hr.

Listen on the radio with Experience Pros (Click to download .mp3 file and listen)

Meet Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer -- "Experience Pros"

Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer - 'Experience Pros'

Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer - 'Experience Pros'

We are talk show hosts, entrepreneurs, positive people and business trainers dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams both personally and in your business. If you’re interested in how we started working together and built Experience Pros, get the whole story on our about page.

Short story: We are Denver residents who broadcast nationally with a passion to help people achieve their dreams of creating the lifestyle they desired when they started their business. We love connecting people who are like minded and open to collaboration, and truly believe that small business is the backbone of America’s economy.

You’d be hard pressed to find two more positive people who are 100% on your side when it comes to business! And we’d be honored to serve you. Whatya say? Let’s get started today!