Turn your receipt printer into an “in-store engagement suite.” You can now include promos and messages for your customers on your receipts when they make purchases. Scroll down for more information.

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This is a new way to make communication with your customers easy. Now you can automatically include printed promotions on receipts with your Star Printer. When you buy QuickBooks POS and get the hardware, PromoPRNT is already included on your new receipt printer.

An in-store customer engagement suite

PromoPRNT helps merchants to effortlessly create promotions that are printed in addition to point of sale (POS) receipts, providing high quality customer engagement at no extra cost. Once set up, the campaign is fully automated, boosting sales and customer retention while maximizing the value of your Star printer.

These incentives and bonuses will be delivered directly to shoppers’ hands, notifying customers of new deals and promotions.

You can easily create all kinds of different messages.

  • Hiring notices

  • Event reminders

  • Discount promotions

  • Driving traffic online

  • Customer feedback surveys

  • Seasonal campaign sale (e.g. Back to School deals)

  • A funny message for brand awareness

  • Mention of a charity or community initiative

  • A point of purchase message designed for customer retention

  • Thank you and seasons greetings messages

With PromoPRNT, retailers will also have access to analytics that provides insight into each promotional campaign.

  • Make custom promotions from templates

  • Manage promotions from anywhere

  • Increase customer retention

  • Make each customer visit unique