Video: How to close QuickBooks the RIGHT way

Do you want to have less corruption in your QuickBooks file? Do you want the file to open faster? Do you want it to close more quickly when you’re finished?

We are constantly reminding Peak Advisers clients of the process because, be honest, we’re all guilty of simply hitting the “X” to close a program some times. That’s not the way to do it right.

Here are the steps to close Quickbooks the right way:

  1. Select Window

  2. Close All

  3. Select File

  4. Close Company/Log Off

  5. Select File

  6. Select Exit

It’s pretty simple. If you and your team follow this process every time you will encounter less corruption, and the file will open and in many instances, close faster. See the video tutorial below.

I say close faster because many times clicking the “X” does not close QuickBooks or the database and that creates all sorts of issues.

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