Managing payroll in QuickBooks

You’ve probably noticed that technology and systems are changing rapidly in today’s business world. And that puts a huge demand on business owners like you who want to stay ahead of the curve.

Managing QuickBooks Payroll on a tablet 

Managing QuickBooks Payroll on a tablet 

One of the most demanding aspects of running a small business is managing payroll. Keeping track of employees, hours, tax calculations and deductions—to name a few—can eat up a lot of your valuable time that would be better spent on managing your businesses’ growth.

With QuickBooks, you can save time by running payroll in minutes either from your desktop computer, or with QuickBooks Online. For example, you can run payroll for up to 100 employees by:

  • Simply entering in hours
  • Reviewing automatic payroll tax calculations
  • Printing checks or pay by direct deposit

Also, QuickBooks Payroll will give you automatic reminders, allows you to enter overtime and deductions, run payroll as often as you’d like: Weekly, bi-monthly, semi-monthly or another frequency. It will support you payment of payroll taxes and create year-end W2s, and prepares detailed reports right inside your QuickBooks program.

Furthermore, QuickBooks gives you options: You can manage payroll yourself with Enhanced Payroll or with an expert through QuickBooks that will file all of the federal & state forms for you.

As technology was mentioned in the beginning, QuickBooks “Online Payroll” app allows you to run payroll anytime, anywhere from your mobile device!

Apart from your customers, your employees are an integral part of your team and they help make your dreams come true. Call us today and we’ll help you join the 1.2 million small businesses who rely on QuickBooks and we’ll help you choose the right payroll service.

Bruce Peterka

QuickBooks Consultant and CFO for closely-held companies.