Video: Be organized for the holiday season with QuickBooks POS

Business is about to pick up for many small businesses and one way to be ready for the busy holiday season is to get organized with QuickBooks Point of Sale.

QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale

This is an all-in-one retail solution with everything you need to run your store. Take 90 seconds to watch the video and see what we mean:

Everything you need to succeed is in this POS system.

  • Take all forms of payments, including credit cards, debit cards, cash and more. If you run it with QuickBooks accounting software, each payment is reconciled in QuickBooks.

  • Ringing sales is a breeze. You can enter item names or numbers, use a barcode scanner or a tablet. QuickBooks POS now works with Microsoft Surface Pro.

  • Offer discounts and start building customer information for a Customer Relationship Management system like Method.

  • Don’t get caught with empty shelves. Manage your businesses’ inventory by keeping track of your best-selling items and what you need to restock. QuickBooks POS updates inventory automatically with every transaction, so you don’t have to do it manually.

  • QuickBooks POS updates your QuickBooks accounting software every time you make a sale or update your inventory. It reduces the risk for manual errors, and you’ll be ready when tax time rolls around right after the holiday season.

Gigantic time savers

The QuickBooks family of products all work together to save major time and effort so you can focus on additional ways to get your business to make more money.

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Get organized for the holidays with QuickBooks POS

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