Are you behind the accounting curve?

If you’re like most small business owners knee-deep in organizing sales receipts and entering bills into your accounting ledger, while trying to figure out to how pay those pesky bills, you’re behind the curve and probably don’t even recognize it.   

All that wasted time leaves you with little head space to plan, to find new ways to market, and most importantly to maximize your profits.

Can you handle the truth?

Truth is, as a business owner you’re spending more money than you think on managing customer payments.  

Sure each cash receipt is processed quickly, but if you have a lot of them the time still adds up. And we all know time is money.  

That’s why at Peak Advisers, we highly recommend that small business owners employ Intuit Merchant Services to allow clients to review and pay invoices on line and applies the payments to the invoices in your QuickBooks file. Think about that for a minute, you have automated the process. Your time or your staff time can be re allocated to higher value activities.

A Peak Advisers maxim

The real value of your time increases exponentially when you eliminate unnecessary business tasks and turn your attention to value adding activities.

Invoices go from “sent” to “paid” in days

With Intuit Merchant Services you will get paid 2X faster than the traditional mail an invoice and receive a check method.

But what about the fees?

Instead of asking about fees, how about asking about value? Intuit Merchant Services is price competitive when looking at fees only. It isn’t the cheapest and it isn’t the most expensive. However, when one considers the total cost of processing credit cards Intuit Merchant Services is an unmatched value because it automates the payment application process.

QuickBooks Payments

QuickBooks Payments

Call Peak Advisers today for free consultation

Peak Advisers has created a model which allows you to calculate the savings you will receive by switching to Intuit Merchant Services. Give us a call, after a few questions, we can quickly estimate how much you will save.

When you call ask us how to make bank deposits using Intuit Merchant Services.

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