Merchant Services: A must have if you run QuickBooks

It's simple why QuickBooks Merchant Services is a 'must have.' You can see the reason in the video below.

Help wildland firefighters

We will make a donation in your name to help firefighters keep Colorado beautiful and safe. All you have to do is download and submit a Merchant Services application and we will make a donation in your name to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation through July 31. 

A merchant services account allows your customers to pay you via credit Card or ACH from the invoice you email them. When this happens, the cash receipt is applied to the invoice by QuickBooks. No more receiving payments one by one. 

This is a huge time saver.

You might be thinking, "Our current credit card workflow works fine now.."

This is often the case, but it will almost certainly work much better using Intuit Merchant Services. Why? Because the invoicing, payment processing, receive payment, bank deposits is happening within one-securely encrypted financial system. 

That means, no more keying in numbers on a machine or going to a website to process a card. There is no more reconciliation of merchant statements to receipts since Intuit is clearing the transaction for you in QuickBooks. 

But what if you don't want to accept credit cards? 

You don’t have to accept credit cards to benefit from an Intuit Merchant account. With an Intuit account you accept credit cards and ACH, or just credit cards, or just ACH payments. ACH payments only cost $1, so if you don’t want to accept credit cards, you still want a Merchant account so that you can accept ACH payments.

Learn more about Merchant Services here, and then contact us to get things set up.