Help us help firefighters working to keep Colorado safe & beautiful

It was a dry winter here in Colorado and much of the Mountain west. As a result, the wildfire risk will remain high all summer. 

There have been many large wildfires in Colorado during summer 2018 affecting over 100,000 acres, and they have destroyed more than 100 homes. We love our beautiful state and support the heroic efforts of our firefighters. Therefore, we’ve decided we want to support Wildland Firefighter Foundation with a donation that matters to them and their families.


No purchase necessary

Here's how you can help: If you use Quickbooks or Intuit POS, but don’t yet have an Intuit Merchant Service Account, go to and download an Intuit Merchant Service Application. It's FREE to signup.

Complete the form and return it to

For this 5 minutes of work, Peak Advisers will make a donation of $52 to Wildland Firefighter Foundation in your name. 

This offer is good for the first 100 respondents who sign up by July 31.

As a thank you, the Wildland Firefighter Foundation will send you a pin, helmet sticker and list your name on their website. 

We hope you will join us in this critical effort to support firefighters and their families, while you make your business more efficient at the same time.

We thank you in advance.