9 things to do to prep your business for year-end

If you run a small business, the first of the year can get crazy busy. QuickBooks with Peak Advisers gets you prepared. If you don’t have an accountant or staff to help you, or the right skill sets, you can get overwhelmed.


Top 9 must do items for year end preps

Get prepared now and check off these steps to ensure that you have a grip on a successful and responsible end to your fiscal year.

  1. Review your profit/loss statements
  2. Verify all vendor and lender files
  3. Take Inventory of your raw and finished goods
  4. Report benefits on outgoing W-2
  5. Create a budget for next year
  6. After first day of new fiscal year: Print your end-of-year statements
  7. Make depreciation entries
  8. Reconcile all your accounts
  9. Print and mail tax forms

Follow this checklist to ensure that all your required statements are in the right place, per IRS requirements.

Print a version of this checklist to keep that has notes for each of the nine steps above.

Please note: This checklist may not cover all aspects of your business, as every business is different. If you have any questions, please call us today for a free consultation.

Bruce Peterka

QuickBooks Consultant and CFO for closely-held companies.