Guess what? The future looks automated. Is your business benefitting now?

As one of my favorite sayings—an old Danish proverb goes—“Prediction is difficult, especially when dealing with the future.”

The automation of bookkeeping & accounting

Here is one prediction, which I am certain is accurate and is easy to make: More and more transactional bookkeeping and accounting tasks are going to be automated. At Peak Advisers, we are certain that is 100 percent true.


Because we are doing it today.

Receipt Bank automates data

All the products we recommend from the Intuit Ecosystem, in some manner, automate processes that until recently were always manual.

Take for an example, Receipt Bank, which syncs data from your receipts and bills with QuickBooks. Receipt Bank reads images, photos, PDF’s, emails etc., and converts images to a QuickBooks transaction.

Now, the first time you use Receipt Bank it won’t know what to do with a credit card receipt from your favorite restaurant, but if you take a couple of minutes and teach the application it will know what to do with the next receipt from that restaurant, and the next one, and the next one, and so on. It also files the receipt for you.

That, my friends, is automation.

Transaction Pro Importer automates data entry

Or, consider Transaction Pro Importer, which easily imports data and transactions from Excel into QuickBooks.

Recently, I spoke with a new client and asked about the data their bookkeeper enters. She described a twice-monthly journal entry that takes about 25 minutes to data-enter. I also asked several questions and learned:

The amounts and accounts affected by the journal entry change significantly from entry to entry. 

They receive the entry in an Excel spreadsheet from a third party.

The entry took 25 minutes to enter.

I said, "How about we automate that process with Transaction Pro Importer and complete posting the journal entry in, oh, a couple of minutes?" She liked that I idea. So, we did it.

That is automation.

We can help automate your accounting and bookkeeping today

How many hours do you and your staff spend completing tasks that could be automated? Not automated in the future, but right now, today. Call Peak Advisers. We can help.

Call Peak Advisers today and we’ll help you join the 1.2 million small businesses who rely on QuickBooks and we’ll help you choose the right payroll service and stop on top of new laws.

End the nightmare

If you feel like your business is managing you—instead of the other way around—and your books are a nightmare, call Peak Advisers today for a free consultation. We can help you with a full-range of value-added business and financial solutions.

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