Fundbox: The financial solution for all of your business cash flow gaps

At Peak Advisers, we’ve helped many clients obtain bank financing.

But let’s face it, the lending climate is tough for micro businesses. Even established and profitable micro businesses find it difficult to get bank financing. So here is a thought for you: Before you start searching for bank financing, apply for an invoice line at Fundbox.  

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What is Fundbox?

Fundbox is a technology company based in San Francisco, which uses big data analytics, engineering, and predictive modeling to optimize cash flow for small businesses with outstanding invoices and short-term cash flow gaps.

Fundbox has automated the invoice financing process to such an extent that if you go here: Apply for Fundbox, it will spend a few minutes answering questions, and within hours you will have an answer.

Why do this before you start the search for bank financing? Because if Fundbox isn’t willing to finance your invoices, you should ask yourself, why will a bank finance my business? And, if Fundbox is willing to finance your invoices, you now have credit available while you search for bank financing. Just in case.

Fundbox is invoice financing and it isn’t for every business. And it is also relatively expensive compared to the nominal cost of bank financing. However, it never hurts to have funds available in case you need them.

Funds can be available—just in case


Peak Advisers has a Fundbox line of credit and we have never drawn on it. It is there, just in case. Go ahead and Apply for Fundbox today.

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