Transaction Pro saves QuickBooks Online users hours of time each day

Transaction Pro saves thousands of QuickBooks Online users hours of time, every day!

The top three transaction types to import this Summer are…

1. Credit Card Charges
Save time on manual data entry. Simply download your transactions from your credit card company’s website, format your spreadsheet and import it into QuickBooks Online using Transaction Pro.

2. Journal Entries
Need to add tax adjustments or depreciation expenses? Avoid manual data entry and leverage advanced options including: the ability to cross reference account description for account name, and the ability to specify a single column for Debit/Credit instead of separate columns.

3. Sales Receipts
Do you sell to customers and get paid on the spot? Import completed orders from e-commerce platforms and point of sale system. Simply format your excel, and away you go.

Look at what people are saying

We've been using TPI for ages and not only does it make our work go faster but clients never failed to be "WOWed" by the capability the program affords us. Flexible (it can do an *insane* variety of transactions), affordable ... there's just too much to like here. You won't regret it. -Martin

Until I found Transaction Pro Importer/Exporter my only option was to manually enter each transaction…I did have a question when I was trying to set up my export and was able to get the answer quickly from customer support at Transaction Pro. I think the program is reasonably priced and I am already planning to use it on another client -GSS KMS

We have been using Transaction Pro Importer for a while and have been extremely satisfied. It saves us several hours around month end close as we don't need to add bills and checks manually into Quickbooks - we use an excel download and upload based on field mapping - it's intuitive and easy to use! We've needed to reach out to customer service a handful of times and have always had our questions answered in a timely manner. Definitely recommend! -Rachel T.

Save hours of time, every day, with Transaction Pro Import, Export and Delete tools for QuickBooks Online.

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Bruce Peterka

QuickBooks Consultant and CFO for closely-held companies.