Schedule more jobs & get paid quicker with Field Service Management

Here’s a fleeting thought for your fleet services: Now Intuit’s Field Service Management platform can manage your financial activities and service professionals on the go.

With Intuit's Field Service Management (FSM), you can track and run your business’s financial activities through QuickBooks. But if you are using Work Order tickets (slips of paper, sticky notes—or worse—a phone message) you could be sending your service professionals needlessly back and forth across town. Plus, you may not know who is available for another Work Order … wasting valuable time and money.

Intuit Field Service Management does it all

Intuit Field Service Management does it all

Imagine your dispatcher knowing where all your service professionals are; matching techs to the correct service requirements and to who can service the next Work Order because he/she is already in the area. With FSM, your service techs can earn you more money by directly servicing your customers instead of wasting time behind the windshield driving around.

In addition, Parts and Supplies can be managed right out of your tech’s vehicle. In fact, you can get a Work Order approved by signature and take payment from your customer on site. No more Work Orders without approvals. You get paid fast—before the tech drives away.

All of this is done from the tech’s smartphone. The field professionals can see detailed notes and instructions, make call notes via simple dictation, and close out the Work Order in seconds. At the same time, your dispatcher is updated immediately to assign the next Work Order.

Intuit’s FSM is an ideal product for businesses which have a fleet of service professionals. This includes companies doing landscaping, plumbing, hand-man teams, electrical refrigeration, house cleaning, water damage remediation, heating and air conditioning service work, etc.

Intuit Field Service Management is powered by Corrigo. Corrigo creates industry-leading, cloud-based software for facilities managers and service providers. It uses Intuit’s QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online to support the financial aspect of your business.

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Intuit Field Service Management

Intuit Field Service Management

Bruce Peterka

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