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Transaction Pro

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Transaction Pro is a suite of applications that work with QuickBooks (Desktop and Online) to support transaction imports, deletes, inter-company transfers and more.  

Peak Advisers LLC is an authorized reseller of Baystate Consulting's Transaction Pro products. Get started with Transaction Pro here.

We are Elite in Transaction Pro Importer and expert in its use. TPI is fundamental to our automation practice which you can learn more about here.

  • Transaction Pro Importer: Unlimited record imports for one device

  • Transaction Pro Importer/Exporter/Deleter Pro: Unlimited record imports, exports, deletes for one devices

  • Transaction Pro Importer/Exporter/Deleter Plus: Unlimited record imports, exports, deletes for three devices

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Transaction Pro is a fantastic tool that will help you enter large volumes of transactions into QuickBooks.  These could be from your eCommerce site (invoices) or you may have a large number of credit card charges or bills you need to enter into QuickBooks. You may need to enter a significant number of general journal entries. Follow this link to get Transaction Pro.

Transaction Pro takes data organized in Excel and imports the data into QuickBooks.

Save time by eliminating duplicate data entry from orders gathered from websites or other sources. 

Transaction Pro Importer 6.0

Want an easy way to import your transactions or lists into QuickBooks? The Transaction Pro Importer is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Wizard interface provides simple step-by-step instructions and field-level mapping of your data. Quickly import data from virtually any source as QuickBooks transactions or lists.

Automatically adds new customers, vendors, jobs, items, and classes when importing transactions. Supports Excel, Access, databases or comma, tab, and pipe delimited text formats. Edit existing data before exporting to QuickBooks in a program grid.

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