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0.00 is a US-based cash flow management software system that integrates with QuickBooks to support your account receivables and accounts payable.

Use a email address to import bill documentation, approve the expenditure on-line and pay the bills with a click. Invoices are created, sent and paid easier and faster then ever.

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  • Automate invoicing and Get Paid 2x-3x faster with ACH and credit cards
  • Pay and process all your bills in minutes
  • Software sync for real-time insights badge

Use the mobile app to approve and pay business bills on time, from anywhere. Get 24/7 connectivity to your business financials, whether you're on the road, or just out for coffee.

See cashflow clearly with two-way data sync between and your accounting software. When payments are sent or received, accounts reconcile automatically and changes update everywhere at once—so you never enter data twice.

No credit card required for 30 days. That’s plenty of time to see for yourself how much faster you get paid via

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How much does it really cost to pay with paper checks?

The answer might surprise you, and the potential savings with might stun you. Click on the link to see the comparison.