1099 Kits [2017]

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1099 Kits [2017]

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1099 forms are used to report miscellaneous vendor payments of $600 or more. The 1099 kit contains 1099 forms, four free 1096 forms, and compatible double-window envelopes.

  • Print directly from QuickBooks

  • Click here to see a chart that details the number of parts required for the state in which you're filing

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  • 1099 Kits include: 1099 printable forms (two per sheet); made-to-fit compatible envelopes; four free 1096 forms
  • 1099 Forms for QuickBooks are designed to print directly from QuickBooks and put information in the right place
  • Available in quantities as low as 10 so that smallbusinesses can buy only the forms they need


  • Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
  • Compatible with QuickBooks 2015 and later versions for printing from QuickBooks Desktop
  • Works with QuickBooks Online Plus, Essentials and SimpleStart only if printing from QuickBooks Online
  • If printing from QuickBooks Mac, compatible with 2015 and later versions